Below a list of things that are not covered and you need to pay for:

  1. Airport Pick up/ Drop off: 400 Ghana Cedis
  2. T- Shirt: 50 Ghana Cedis
  3. Certificate: 30 Ghana Cedis
  4. Office Costs: 100 Ghana Cedis
  5. Food: 20 Ghana Cedis per day


  1. Visa Extension: 50 Ghana Cedis

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What is also not covered

  1. Traveling on weekends to tourist attraction centers and entering fees for any tourist place/ hotel accommodations
  2. Smoking /drinking and clubbing
  3. Air ticket
  4. Transportation from host family to project
  5. Damage to or loss of luggage (baggage) - property.
  6. Insurance
  7. Internet access
  8. Vaccinations
  9. Meals outside host family
  10. Phone calls
  11. Medical bills