Current projects

School in Asawinso

FL Faith Child Foundation is a small organization which takes care of orphans and assists foster children within the Berekum Municipal Assembly. So far the organization has achieved in its work by setting up an orphanage to host orphans, needy and street children in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

In 2012 the organization built a school in a small village called Asawinso. The purpose of this school was to provide free education to all children within the area. From kindergarden to junior highschool all children would recieve free education. But unfortunantly, the school was recently robbed and all material (desks, chairs, pencils, books, etc) were lost.

Due to this incident the school has had to shut down and all children who were attending have had to put their education on hold. The organization would like to rebuild this school immediately in a safer area for these children. It is unfair that any child should have to stop their education due to such incidences.

Please give a helping hand in allowing these young learners to continue to their studies and become good leaders of society. Any donations are much appreciated.

Thank you!


The Foster Care started in 2009 with five children. The aim was to support children in need because there are a lot of children in the society who are neglected with regard to social and parental care. In Ghana it is very common to have many children this causes the parents inability to care for their children properly.


HIV/Aids and in general STD/ STI are phenomenal in Ghana. These diseases affect infected children as well as non–infected ones. We organise campaigns against it to protect and educate people on the diseases. We together with Frank organize speeches for schools, communities and individuals.