Delivered projects

Water for the People for Essakrom

There are still lots of villages in Ghana which do not have a direct access to clean water. In case of sponsoring we encourage the construction of wells and boreholes in other communities, as we already did in cooperation with Erica’s Helping Angels. With their support FL Faith Child Foundation built a water pump system in 2011 which was the first project in the Western – Region, Essakrom.

Actually Felix went to the community to visit some children who had stayed in the foster family before. When he arrived he recognized that the water - access for the people of Essakrom was poor. He contacted Becka Birman to write for grant, she then told Erica’s Helping Angels about the project and they decided to help. They send Philip Joseph Gallagher to Essakrom to supervise the water project. The community received a pump for pumping water from the borehole. After this the water could be stored in a poly tank with four different taps attached. It was that Becka Birman handled and supervised all the purchasing and the planning of the project!

Since then the community has easily and constantly got access to water. The costs were not high if you consider that the whole community has got water now: only 2000 Dollar were used to provide all the people of the community with clean water!

International school

Erica Memorial International School was established in 2012 in the Western Region, Essakrom. This is the second project of FL Faith Child Foundation in coloration with Erica’s Helping Angels. There was only a building – complex, but no books, tables, benches or even teachers. Erica’s Helping Angels came in to help by donating money to start operating the school. Thanks to Erica’s Helping Angels for their help. Thanks also go to Felix’s brother, Richard, who is part of the administrators of the school. He is the one who runs the project and the development of the school.

The idea of establishing a private school came to Felix’s mind when he came to Essakrom for the first time. He recognized that there are not enough good possibilities for the children’s education. It became his wish to change something. He contacted the community and they in return gave him the land with the building – complex, because he wanted to support such an effort by bringing the school project in the community. He got the facility in 2011.

The school gives children whose parents can’t afford expensive private school- fees the chance to learn for as low costs as possible. Erica’s Helping Angels are the sponsors of the Erica Memorial International School. They help the school to grow fast and hopefully to grow big soon. In 2013 the school will be closed by the end of the academic year 2012/13 and is planned to be re-established in Berekum for the academic year 2013/14.