Whatever your reason for donating and however you chooste to make your donation, we are grateful for your support.


You are effectively allocate to ensure development and help children break the painful cycle of poverty. Your sponsorship connects you with a child in a developing country, while your ongoing support contributions make possible life-changing programs for children and communities. That little girl or boy becomes your ambassador to a place and culture you might otherwise never know.

PayPal, check payable or wire transfer

Your donation is welcomed. Your help will provide good education to rural school children and clean water to villages. Thank you.


For those with a PayPal account, please use the PayPal button. Thank you for your donation!

Check payable

First of all thank you for donation to FL Faith Child Foundation.

If you would like to send a donation with a check payable, please send it to:

FL Faith Child Foundation

Box 646, Berekum, Ghana

Wire transfer

Zenith Bank Ghana

Address: Hus no. NB 146/7,New Baiden,Berekum P. O. Box 646

  • Accounts Name: FL Faith Child Foundation
  • Accounts Number: 6011704220
  • Swift Code: ZEBLGHAC

If you would like to inform us which project you want to support with your donation, or if you would like to receive a tax-receipt, please fill in the form.