Planned projects

Rehabilitation Centre

The Rehabilitation Centre is our future project and the biggest project we decided to start so far. It will give us the possibility, to combine all our wanted goals at one place:

  • A place where we can show young new work - opportunities for their life in workshops
  • A place which can become a new home for children in need
  • A place where we can have a call centre to assist abused people
  • A place where we can ensure good education
  • A place with access to clean water and sanitary
  • A place where you always feel welcome

There are lots of young people in Ghana, who do not know what they want to become in their future. Neither politicians nor schools are able to change something that’s why we want to try to do our part for them and show them new work aspects. Furthermore the new premises give us the opportunity to educate the people with regard to HIV/ Aids, child- abuse, family- planning and everything that can improve the way of living in our society. Although we already have the foster care in Berekum New Biadan we want to create a bigger place, where we enable more children a place to live.

What we need is support, people who join us and money. Our dreams and hopes can become true with your help.