Our history

Our history

FL Faith Child Foundation was established in 2009 as non-profit, nongovernmental organisation located in Berekum, Brong - Ahafo Region of Ghana. Since March 2010 it is registered at “Register General Department” as a company limited by guarantee (not for profit cooperation) and with Department of Social Welfare as Non – Government Organisation (NGO).

In the beginning it was a family run organisation, which built a foster care for children. At first it hosted five children. The number increased when Felix’s family, friends, volunteers and relatives heard about his work to extent help. In 2012 they became seven foster children.

The first volunteers arrived in August 2010 and they stayed for three days. One of them was Becka Birman. She became very instrumental with her efforts to build up the organisation although she stayed just for a short period. After her first stay in the project Becka returned every year to see what was going on in the Foster Family. She successfully looked for support in USA to help the Foundation. The first contact between FL Faith Child Foundation and Erica’s Helping Angels was achieved by her.

In August 2011 FL Faith Child Foundation in cooperation with Erica’s Global Outreach constructed a well at Essakrom, Western Region. It is mechanized to supply sustainable water to the whole community. Also in 2012 the Foundation in cooperation with its partner organisation opened a school by the name Erica Memorial International School.

Felix KyereYeboah together with Frank Amankona has been holding speeches about STD/ STI especially about AIDS during the last three years.

Since the establishment of FL Faith Child Foundation it has tried to build a Rehabilitation Centre, but until now it is not possible because of too less resources. It hopefully will become reality in the near future. This would be much easier with your help.

Our founder

The first time I had the idea of a social organisation, which supports humans who are in need, was when I was in school and a mad man gave me a hot chase when I was eating. After this sad event our teacher asked us what we wanted to do in future. My reply was: “I want to build a house for all mad people in the world”.

When I grew up I had so many things in mind about what I wanted to do. Mr. Kakari Bediako, the founder of Royal Child Foundation, was the first person who offered me a workplace for social work. He was the one who gave my plans the first shape. After he asked me to write a proposal for re- establishing his orphanage I worked for the organisation as a board secretary. Nevertheless after one year I quit to imply some of my own ideas.

I met Francis Adu, the founder of Love Kids Foundation, early 2008. He enlightened me how to start my own organisation. In 2009 I went to a café with Francis Adu where I met Laura Sturdevant, whom I told about my project ideas. She decided to support the project to become reality. She sponsored the organisations that it could emerge and I really appreciate what she did for the children and the organisation.

I, Felix Kyere-Yeboah, want to help people of different backgrounds and from all walks of life. A big car, a big house and a lot of money are not important for me, but what matters is to help people who are in need of support. Anybody who does not understand this does not understand my way of thinking and living.

Day of Birth: 11th of December 1984

Place of Birth: Berekum

Education Background:

1993 - 1998: Primary School: Assemblies of God Berekum

1998 - 2001: Junior High School Assemblies of God Berekum

2001 - 2004: Bechem Polytechnic G.B.C.E. ‘O’ Level Bechem Business College

2004 - 2006: Bechem Polytechnic Diploma in Business Studies (D.B.S. Accounting Option)

Working Experiences:

2004: Six months attachment at St. Mary’s Hospital at Drobo as account officer

2005: 2 months attachment at St. Theresa’s Hospital Nkranza

2006 - 2007: Marketing manager of Jerryson FM

2008: Marketing manager of Ark FM Sunyani

2009: Account manager and sales supervisor at Kwaboasako

2012: Manager of Erica Memorial International School

Erica Global Outreach

Erica Global Outreach established in 2011 is the partner organisation of FL Faith Child Foundation in USA, Michigan. The first project of FL Faith Child Foundation that Erica Global Outreach supported, was the water project at Essakrom, in the Western- Region of Ghana in 2011. They also helped in the fast realization of Erica Memorial International School in 2012.

The organisation was founded by the relatives and friends of Erica Teevens. Erica Teevens was preparing for her stay in the foster family of FL Faith Child Foundation, but she never visited Ghana because of her demise before her scheduled time. Erica’s dream of helping people who need a helping hand became the dream and the mission of the organisation. They are essential partners for the organisation until today.

Furthermore they give our donators the opportunity to donate, because we haven’t got the authority, to get a receipt for their donations. They receive the money and transfer it after arrival from their bank account to ours. Thank you for that!